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The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is Next Week -Registration closes on February 19, 2022

The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is Next Week -Registration closes on February 19, 2022

The Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon is Next Week

Registration closes on February 19, 2022

Runners from over 40 different countries have already registered for the 2022 Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon, Israel’s leading sporting event, which finally returns to its previous form, in the heart of the city of Tel Aviv on Friday, February 25, 2022. The event is expected to attract tens of thousands of runners who will be taking part in one of the five spectacular urban marathons – full marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (21 km), 10 km race, 5 km race and a mini marathon (on February 23, 2022). Along the tracks, runners will be able to enjoy music stages, water stations and energy stations. The mini marathon at the Ganei Yehoshua Park, will include an end track for children with disabilities and their families (500 meters and 1 km).

The Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon will, for the first time, be held under the official mark of the World Athletics Association, thus becoming the first Israeli marathon in history to hold this license, joining the list of the largest and leading marathons of the world.

The marathon began this registration process two years ago, when a special representative from the International Federation visited the city to rate organizational elements during the marathon. A Standard Mark is a special quality mark for a race, which requires the race organizer to make special assessments according to the guidelines of the International Association in administrative areas such as: extremely accurate measurement of running distance by an international certified surveyor, professional organization of the running track, medical specifications of international standard, tests to prevent the use of prohibited stimulants and more, all in addition to the judgment and control of the Israel Athletics Association. The official recognition will take full effect in the upcoming marathon.

Registration for the marathon for all runners is currently in progress and will be available for the various tracks until February 19th, 2022. The event of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and produced by Kapaim, will respect health guidelines and regulations imposed by the Ministry of Health and will follow the Green Pass.

Sammy Yahia, Director of Tourism, India & Philippines said, “In 2020 there were over 40,000 runners from all over the world who came to Israel and ran through the city for the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon. That was one of the last major public events that Israel hosted before the pandemic brought the world to a stop. Last year, the Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon followed a virtual format where we had thousands of runners from all over the world who ran the marathon from their home countries. This year, with the marathon returning to its original format, we see it as a positive sign, not only for the reopening of skies to Israel, but also a huge push for the tourism industry.”

Following last year’s digital marathon competition, the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, with the support from the Israel Ministry of Tourism and Kapaim, are proud to host the winner Jervis Johns Salvador, from Manila, the Philippines. Jervis will be treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Tel Aviv, where he will run his first ever full marathon (42.195km) and discover the best sites of the city. Tel Aviv cannot wait to host him and wishes him the best of luck with the marathon!

Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo: “We are pleased with the return of the Samsung Tel Aviv Marathon in its beloved and familiar format, with the runners and cheerleaders who are expected to visit the city at the leading sports event in Israel. We are proud that the event will be the first Israeli marathon to receive the standard mark of the World Athletics Association and officially become one of the leading marathons in the world. Everyone is welcome and invited to register for any of the tracks and take part in such a unique urban running experience.”

Tel Aviv Samsung Marathon 2022 website and registration:

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